The Skills Development Center (the SDC) is a place where adults, 18 and older, with developmental and intellectual disabilities can learn vocational and life skills while enjoying the companionship of others.


The SDC Story

The SDC was started by parents who realized that the many support systems available to their adults ended after graduation from high school. Once they are out in the community, it becomes harder for them to find and maintain employment. Often times this is due to a lack of resources and programs that teach appropriate behaviors, social skill, and independent life skills. Here, we strive to provide a place where these opportunities are available to help each individual succeed.


Our Mission

Our mission is to have our clients practice a variety of marketable skills and appropriate social behaviors to prepare them for employment through internships and guided group activities. We facilitate peer interactions, cultivate positive coping skills,  and provide these individuals with the tools to succeed. We offer clients the opportunity to continue working on positive behaviors as well as independent life skills in a supportive, friendly environment.