Life Transition Program

Autism Life Transition Program (New!)

This innovative new program was created to support life transition by helping our clients move into adulthood!  As individuals with developmental disabilities, they face common challenges like choosing friends on social media, making healthy choices and living in a balanced way. The Life Transition Program will help them face these challenges while building self-confidence and improving quality of life.  Our shared long-term goal is greater freedom and independence for out clients!  

The Life Transition Program lasts six weeks. Each week peers will meet in a highly structured setting with many activities. Resources and take home materials are included with meetings that help apply lessons learned to real life. The program covers six topics in a continuous manner so that ideas and goals flow smoothly from one to the next: “Food and Diet”, “Personal Presentation”, “Time and Money Management”, “Emergency Situations”, “Personal Safety” and “Technology Today”. We also incorporate community resources such as visits by local police and fire departments.

We will be offering the Life Transition Program on a rotating basis. Please contact us for more information and the dates of future classes. Call: (804) 481-7777 or email: